Our Instructor


Charges:- 49 / hour

Automatic Car Instructor ! Highly Recommended

Jamaideen Kareem

Charges:- 33 / hour

Manual Car Instructor ! Highly Recommended

Ali Iqbal

Charges:- 35 / hour

Manual Car Instructor ! Highly Recommended


Charges:- 30 / hour

Manual Car Instructor ! Highly Recommended

How to Book Driving Lessons at DV Driving School

Step 1: Select Your Postcode

Select the postcode where you want to book your driving lessons. Please be sure of the postcode and choose the nearest one so that it is convenient for you when the instructor comes to your place to each you so that there shouldn’t be a misunderstanding between both parties.

Step 2: Select Your Driving Instructor

Select the driving instructor of your choice after evaluating the hourly rates of class and the type of vehicle they teach. Tap on the “Book a Class” button to land at the second last step of the process.

Step 3: Choose Date & Time

Click on the calendar icon to select the date you want to start your driving lessons. Then Select the corresponding timings convenient to you.

Step 4: Book your Classes & Get Started

Click on “Book Now” or “PayPal”, and a “Sign Up” pop up will open. Fill in your details, set a strong password and make your payments. And you are good to go.

All the best for your lessons! We hope you enjoy your journey!

If you have any queries, you can contact us here